Segmentation mentor

Multi cloud / VPC

Managing one security group is easy. But successfully
managing thousands of security controls is
Cloud vendors only control their own island and do not provide a multi-cloud visibility. helps you to manage security controls in multi-cloud and multi-VPC scenarios.


Other vendors offer micro-segmentation products for public clouds. However, firewalls are already included in public cloud offerings for no extra charge. 

The challenge is how to manage them efficiently.

Our segmentation mentor unleashes the power of cloud-native firewalling to enable micro-segmentation.

Tags and labels

Leverage the cloud-native tags and use them to build implicit firewall rules.
Intent-based security will take you to the next level of usability.

A tool built for making the life easier for security teams.

Demo use cases

"Directly manage all security groups in all your cloud accounts in Segmentor's single-pane-of-glass." 

"Define your security groups using tags and use automation to keep them globally in sync in all your environments."

What's next?

Shield analyzer

Focusing on one virtual machine or service at a time, Segmentor analyzes and reports on the relevant security controls.
Viewing a stack of security controls as one shield, Segmentor’s aggregated view can help to evaluate further optimizations. Focusing on one scope at a time, and lock it down to the minimal set of privileges required will lead to zero trust compliance.

Analyze the zero trust potential.

Global firewall policy

Decoupling security from the network using tags for the an abstraction will enable a more generic and human understandable rule set.

It will be impossible to control a larger multi cloud and hybrid cloud scenarios when it comes down to segmenting your entire network.

Legacy firewall management tools do not help managing cloud native flows.

A single pane of glass for all firewall rules can provide the needed overview.


Segmentor helps with compliance by providing a global policy that can be applied across all environments easily. 

Segmentor also provides PCI DSS and other templates get you started.

Filters and searching over all your clouds and VPCs accelerates auditing work.

CSV import/export

Segmentor provides CSV exports of all your VPC configuration data which makes it easy to access and manipulate your configuration with standard tools and scripts.

Automated CSV imports of on-prem firewall rules helps build the full picture.

CSV imports simplify large-scale changes, and combined with CSV exports provide a simple roll-forward / roll-back mechanism.

REST API enables integration with other infrastructure components.

API and automation

The Segmentor API offers access to its internal database.

Consumers can use either REST or GraphQL for integration and automation.

An API enables integrations with other infrastructure components.

On-prem firewall managements

Fortinet Fortimanager for Fortigates and CMA for Checkpoint are directly supported.

Your local datacenter will be part of the solution.

Non-cloud firewall rulebases can be imported for a global visibility.

Traffic flow

Flow logs provide insight into applications’ connectivity needs.

With Segmentor it is possible to leverage this information to tighten your existing security groups.

Harness the power of flow logs to visualize application dependencies.

Groups mentor

This wizard analyzes the security group configurations and makes proposals for optimizations. These optimizations can be applied directly from within the tool.

Zero trust is not for tomorrow, but for today.

Easy to use wizard to make your data more secure.

IP Routing

Bringing also visibility into all the routes configured in all your clouds can help keeping your network stable.

This will help minimizing downtime by serving as a single-pane-of-glass

Overview of all routers in you cloud.

Change history

Giving insights of all changes done to security groups and router configuration can be of great help to the operations team.

If monitoring reports a outage it is very helpful to know what has change at that specific time.

Overview of all changes in the cloud-native security controls.